Tuesday, 27 December 2011

A Cute Animal Hat and My Blog is 4 weeks old today!

Sewn up - button eyes added  - then daughter added!

We went away for a few days before Christmas to Hastings, a seaside town not too far away. It was a lovely break, lots of ambling around, some nice food, a couple of museum visits and a little Christmas shopping. We had a few problems with our hotel but I managed to negotiate a huge discount.. in the end it was all good!

Pom Poms half made
It was a period of real quality time for my daughter and I and a welcome break after the hectic last week of term at college (all my lovely students had exams) While we were there I bought some knitting wool hoping to knit my daughter a fun hat before Christmas. Having so merrily completed Tim Holtz's 12 tags of Christmas I am still very much in full on crafting mode! Well...I nearly got it done..and then Christmas came along and happened and well, I finally managed to finish it this evening! It's cuter than it looks in the picture!!

Finished ;)            ? Super Hero Bear Hat

Still trying to get the hang of the camera - the top piccy is closest to the actual colours.


Anita Houston The Artful Maven said...

Seriously...25 posts in four weeks, with a baby, teaching and grading, and then you find time to knit??? You make the rest of us feel like you know what! LOL!!! What an achievement on so many levels! Knitting is a dying art...kudos to you for keeping it alive, and what an over the cute head topper. Show us pictures of her wearing it! Congrats to you!!!

Maria said...

Anna, this is adorable!! I love it -- you did a great job!! So cute!!

YuliaM said...

Anna, I really love knitting. Unfortunatelly I have no much time for it. I like the hat, it's so stylish! Wish you nice Christmas time and all the things you're dreaminf about come true!
I'm having busy days now making preparations for the New Year Eve, after which our holidays will start. We celebrate Christmas on the 7th of January. But I really love Catholic Christmas traditions. Have nice days
Hugs, Yulia

robe décolletée said...

how talented you are! knitting too?! wow! I'm SO impressed! such a CUTE :) hat!! you're the queen of handmade crafts!

Sue said...

Squeee! Soooooo cute!!

My late Nana Sara is clucking her tongue at me that I never learned to crochet. Tho she tried, oh she tried. I did. not. have the patience!

Virginia Nebel said...

Aww so cute! love it! Thanks for sharing@

Evil Edna said...

that hat is so must put it on someone evil as a disguise! as it has cute power to hide evil intent mwahahahah.tottles.EE

Yvonne said...

Oh, Anna, this is too cute :)

trisha too said...

SO cute, anna!! I'm glad you found me out in the blogosphere, and thank you for leaving me a comment to let me know--I look forward to "visiting" with you in the new year!


Silvia(Barnie) said...

So wonderful, love this Super Hero Bear Hat.

Laney said...

WOW!! Wonderful hat so beautifully modelled!

Unknown said...

OMGoodness Anna. I have been learning to knit and crochet so I really enjoyed this post. Such a cute hat and daughter!!!