Wednesday, 30 November 2011

Decoupage Box - my first

A few weeks ago, Woman's Weekly Magazine printed a special collector's centenary issue. In it they included a facsimile of their first ever magazine which was printed in 1911.

I liked the magazine so much that I bought another one and used it tocreate a collaged background to decorate a box. . I love ephemera and vintage images, so I used lots of bits and pieces that I'd never found a use for and created the box that can be seen above. The union flag dress form was dye cut using the Tim Holtz dress form and was originally a flyer for a play. The flower stamps is one of my favourite images to use - it was a Craft Stamper freebie.

Now my daughter has a pretty box to keep her images for collage (hers are stunning!) until she is ready to use them. This was a new type of project for me and I was happy with the result.

Monday, 28 November 2011

Boris and Doris - just chilling

Meet Doris and Boris!

Obviously Doris is the one with the bow.   They are sock dolls. I made them as a present for my daughter, they have a lot of character. Boris is cheeky and inquisitive whereas Doris is shyer and very cute. I don't get much time to sew, but love to make unusual and special things. I work to pay the mortgage  and put food on the table, but when I craft....I feed my soul

A place for my cling stamps

A little order......if only for my cling stamps! A  while ago, I decided to create a place for all my cling stamps (well a lot of them, in truth I need another binder) So, I bought a craft blank  from Paperchase and played with the cover. I used some stamped images, distress inks, stickers and lots of glossy accents to add texture and dimension, naturally a good  sprinkle of glitter was thrown into the mix!. I also made a feature of some of my tiny (but ever so loved) collection of Tim Holtz stamps as well as some awesome retro cling stamps from a great supplier in New Zealand. Not long now till the tags will appear, can't wait to see them

It makes me feel very happy when I get my stamps out to use now and they are so much easier to find and I highly recommend this process to anyone who wants to be able to survey their cling stamp kingdom all in one go!

Sunday, 27 November 2011

A couple of cards made by my daughter and I

Here are 2 cards, one made by myself and the other by my very artistic daughter. Mine was stamped and embossed and enhanced with a little bling and a butterfly.  My daughter used a Tim Holtz die cut dress form and a stunning butterfly stamp from Stampers Anonymous coupled with a few die cut buttons (again from the wonderful Mr Holtz). This was my first play with craft card.....loving the neutral palette.

Dipping a toe in bloggy waters!

   Finally! some years after everyone else, I'm having a go at blogging. This may never be seen by anyone but me - especially if I can't find out how to get it online! - but you know what? no matter! Here is a little corner of the web for me to keep a record of the things I make or that inspire me to create.

 Hmm - so that's text! - now for a photo or 2.....this is a little angel that I made using a lovely abstract stamp which was free in Craft Stamper a while ago.