Sunday, 18 March 2012

Mothers Day - First post for a month! Poorly!

Happy Mothers Day everyone! It has been a long time since I posted anything, my Mojo has been well and truly lacking due to the fact that what started as a bad cold and cough has mutated into a truly awful bout of bronchitis and I am still a very poorly bunny. I've been a lousy blogger - sorry for my lack of comments lately. but I've hurt my ribs badly on the left hand side and I am left handed so not crafting or going online much Today, I wanted to post the amazing Mothers Day card my gorgeous daughter created for me. It's a gorgeous collage of things she sees as representing me - from my star sign Aries to my favourite make of posh paint! It's all in there, the buttons represent my love of craft, the cakes, my love of cooking, my favourite band, a little Degas to show my love of art, the Nando's logo, even my favourite brands of make up and perfume. It took her several evenings hidden away from me with a large pile of Vogue magazines to find all the right images and to create this gem.

I felt so lucky when she gave me this - there was also a fantastic poem inside written just for me - lovely!


Evil Edna said...

aw that's so niceand so personal.EE

art by wendy said...

She is very creative! You have a lot of talent in your family!:O)

Laura said...

How sweet of your daughter to make such a special and fun mother's day card for you! It was fun to learn that you celebrate Mother's day on a different day than I'm used to celebrating it (here in the USA) Hope you had a very happy day!
Laura H.

Sue said...

That's a special girl you've got there, but you already knew that! Happy belated Mum's day! I'm so glad you are feeling a bit better, my friend.

pooky said...

What a beautiful card!!! You truly are lucky!

Anita Houston The Artful Maven said...

Happy Mother's Day!!! Els did a fantastic and fun job! Hope you continue on the mend. And let us know your birthday Miss Aries!!!