Thursday, 26 July 2012

Mini Tutorial - Non Fraying Burlap Grunge Flowers

I  had a little moment of inspiration and thought I'd share!
    I love making my own fabric flowers, you can produce them so inexpensively. Neutral fabrics, like Calico's and Burlap's (like sacking) are fun to use, but die cut Burlap seems to fray really badly. I found my T!m Holtz Tattered Florals die cut really beautiful Burlap flowers that promptly fell apart when I tried to shape them, Burlap is an extremely loosely woven fabric.
   I have found a solution (there are most likely others and like everything else this has probably been done already, so forgive me if I am re inventing the wheel here!) Some of my followers are extremely experienced bloggers and crafters, others, less so. I have decided that I shall start sharing a few really simple tips with the blogging world, I really hope that you like them and would love to hear your comments...

Here we go... it's short and sweet!
  • Firstly, dig out some PVA Medium and a large paintbrush.
  •  Place a large piece of burlap on top of a plastic cloth, or similar.
  • Paint one side of the burlap with the PVA and allow to dry completely, remember to wash your brush afterwards.
  • Die cut your floral die of choice.
  • Try stamping the burlap with Archival Ink to add interest. Or... press into a matching/toning Distress Ink.
  • Play with the layers and  petals till you achieve a pleasing effect.... then fasten with a Brad or Button.
Note... The more thickly you apply the PVA, the more  you will be able to mold and shape your flower petals.
Ta Dah! Pretty, unique, inexpensive flowers, totally customisable for your own projects.


Annie said...

Hi Anna what a 'Top Tip' and Tut !! I have some burlap to make some flowers and this advice is very much appreciated. Your flowers are stunning, hope mine turn out as well. Crafty Hugs Annie x

Silvia(Barnie) said...

Fantastic, thanks for sharing the wonderful idea, your flowers are amazing. I'll give theme a try.

butterfly said...

What a fantastic tip, and I love the sneak peek of all those florals and corsets!
Alison x

trisha too said...

GREAT tutorial, anna, wonderful flowers!!


Yvonne Garner said...

Thanks for sharing! Really beautiful flowers.

Redanne said...

Hi Anna, I made the big mistake of buying burlap that was already backed and it is stiff as a board and still frays! Thanks for your great tips, will go and try that, your flowers are gorgeous. A x

Jenny Marples said...

Thanks Anna. Such a good tutorial. Will definitely be giving this a go. Hugs, Buttons x

Anita Houston The Artful Maven said...

Mahoosively gorgeous!!!! I love that you did a tut!!! Keep doing them! The stamped one is my fav!

peggy gatto said...

these are so unique, love them!!

Claire said...

what a fab idea, love the finished flowers they are gorgeous. Thanks for the tut
Claire xx

Maria said...

Anna, I love these! Thanks for sharing these great tips with us! Your burlap flowers turned out gorgeously and I must try this out soon. Hugs to you .... and by the way, I'm so happy the Olympics are in London and that you got to see the torch!