Thursday, 5 January 2012

Clare Curd - New Fiskarettes Ambassador UK - Good Luck!

Clare - Good Luck in 2012

   Back in the day, before my old tabletop computer decided that it would celebrate the event of getting online... by switching itself straight back off, I used to visit the Fiskar's UK website and joined the Fiskarettes. Now I can get online (and stay there!) I've been popping in and have posted a couple of bits and pieces, big changes afoot, the site has been closed for a short while and is currently mid revamp. 
   I was delighted to see that the new UK Fiskars Ambassador is  the the lovely Clare Curd... currently spreading Holtzy goodness and other stuff on the Create and Craft TV channel. (not long till the great man's birthday... AND I've managed to get my card in the post to him, so I'm feeling smug!) 
   So, if you are docrafter's, a Create and Craft viewer, or read docrafts Creativity why not drop by and say Hi to Clare? If you are new to crafting, there are lovely clear instruction on how to make a post too

Any hoo - Good Luck Clare!  Here's the link:- 


Tomoe Inoue said...

cool! Britain! so many buttons!! I love british flag buttons. I see on your photo, the left bottom corner, is that a package? I want to have them too :)

anna christensen crafts said...

Hiya, thank you for your lovely comment, Yes it is a package and I will email you the details ;) they are very very cute!I lurve my buttons and have collected them for years and years! Anna x

Clare said...

Thanks Anna! Love your creations on the blog! Always welcome x

Emma Williams said...

This is fab and I adore all your blog!!

Thank you for following my blog and thanks for the coffee and biccies!! lol I'm now following your blog too and will definitely be back to see more of your wonderful work!
Love Emma xx

White if you Like said...

love the card xx

Anita Houston The Artful Maven said...

So cool and very nice of you!!! God and country first!!!